My Son Wanted His Autograph

I don't remember the year, but it was the last time the PGA tournament was held at Firestone CC in Akkron.  My son who was 10 or 11 wanted to get his autograph.  I told him it would be really hard.  When we got to the course, we headed to the practice range.  People were 15-20 deep and we never got close.  So I told him we will go up by the first tee where there was a practice putting green and maybe we can get it there.  Well, when he came from the practice range to the green all these  people followed him.  There was the starters tent at the backof the first tee, which wasn't that far away from the putting green.  As  Arnold was ready to leave the practice green to go to the first tee,  the people started shoving in towards Arnold and we got pushed back close to the entrance of the tent.  His caddie told the fans to "please step aside, Arnold has to get to the tent".  As a path was made for him, it was like Moses parting the red sea and right in his path stood my son.  He saw him came right over to him and signed his program.  It was the only autograph he signed.  My son has the programed framed hanging on his wall in his office at home.  Brings me to tears each time I tell the story!