No thanks, fans come first

I followed Arnold in the PGA event in New Orleans when it was played at Lakewood Country Club -- across the river from New Orleans.  He was not in contention and likely to miss the cut; it was round 2.  Throughout the first few holes he engaged many people in the galley in conversation.  "Where are you from?"; What's your name?; "Hi, thanks for being here and supporting the tournament."  I was stunned by this -- he connected with the crowd like no one I've ever seen.  Other golfers that I followed in that tournament (and others) barely acknowledged the fans.  Anyway, after the 5th hole, it began to storm.  A car pulled up to the 5th tee.  The drivers of the car prompted Arnie to ride back to the club house with them.  I was a few feet away from Arnold.  He looked at the drivers of the car and said nicely, but bluntly (and I'll remember this until the day I die) "thanks, but I'm going to walk back with my fans."  Several others heard this statement  and we were all stunned.  It was a long way back to the club house.  Arnie's devotion to his fans was symbolic of the man -- he never forgot the importance of those who paid to watch him play.